I’m an engineer turned online educator, marketing consultant and personal brand strategist, dedicated to helping people turn passion into profit.

It all started with this question. What makes successful people, successful? 

That has been my driving force to help me seek knowledge, learn from thought leaders around the world, and share my findings to Instagram.

Turned out, there are a lot of people who want to learn what I’ve shared, and they are willing to pay for it.

Being an engineer, thinking that this was the only path for me, made me second guess myself. Is it even possible that you can turn your passion into a career?

When there’s a will, there’s a way. I now taught over 8000 small business owners how to improve their online marketing, content strategy, personal branding across all programs and classes I have hosted.

Hundred of case study and success story generated from multiple online courses & programs and I’m am honored to be a part of.

Booking tahun ni hampir penuh

Kak Wani suka bila Kak Wani ada mentor untuk dirujuk dan bantu validate idea Kak Wani, so takde la syok sendiri.

Sebelum ni, Kak Wani tak pernah susun or nampak customer journey Fotobyhan. Lepas join sesi offline, Kak Wani terus survey customer sedia ada, dan terus dapat data yang validate customer journey untuk Kak Wani improve kerja2 yang generate more sales.

Sekarang ni, follower hampir capai 20k, leads masuk 5-10 daily, paling banyak boleh cecah 25 leads sehari. Berjaya buat sale RM40k sebulan, and Kak Wani tahu, boleh push lagi untuk lebih.

Wani @fotobyhan.photography

Wedding Photographer

Sale naik dari RM150 ke RM10k sebulan

I mula bisnes I dengan jual cookies, sebab I ingat semua orang suka cookies, tapi sale susah nak masuk. Bila I mula faham siapa audience I dan apa yang diorang suka, I tukar product kepada petite cakes. Lepas I adjust product dan improve marketing, sales mula masuk.

Awal2 buat bisnes, sales sebulan I tak sampai RM150 pun, tapi lepas I apply apa yang Keret ajar, sale average dah naik ke RM10k! Makin hari, follower I makin naik, dan customer bertambah. Sampai tahap setiap kali I open order, mesti sold out.

Farah Soojicakes

Petite cakes

Keret fahamkan nature business supaya boleh bagi strategy yang sesuai.

I suka in depth discussion dalam sesi 1-on-1 dengan Coach Keret.

I dapat rancang future plan tak kisah in terms of marketing atau pun operation service I sendiri dengan lebih teratur sebab semua template memang dah ready khususnya yg berkaitan dengan sales dan juga marketing plan.

Keret memang akan master dan fahamkan nature business kita dan berikan idea-idea yang sangat relatable!

Boleh tanya anything kekusutan dan masalah yang kite tengah hadapi and Keret akan bantu untuk come out dengan new strategy, plan and idea dan kita balik tinggal execute terus je.

Yad Zahari @yadzahari

Real Estate Negotiator (REN)

This is a one year mentoring program that focuses on helping small business setup and strengthen their online marketing to increase their revenue.

This is the personalized solution I’ve created to further support small business in their journey to build their brand, and I am proud for each accomplishment they’ve achieve.

Bertahun-tahun stuck kat 3k and now dah naik 8k

After join program Keret last year, account dah start grow and engagement pun makin bertambah. Lagi-lagi time puasa Kalin buat campaign 30 Hari 30 Canva Yezza, dari situ my personal branding dah start naik dan makin ramai nampak content Kalin.

Best part is bila boleh convert to money. Dah start dapat jemputan dari university besar macam UITM,USM, & UKM. One of my biggest achievement is dapat client from oversea (Singapore & Brunei).
Bertahun tahun stuck dekat 3k follower je, lepas Kalin follow apa yang Keret ajar, in less than 1 year follower dah naik sampai 8k++

Kalin @itskalin_

Canva Guru

Now. let’s talk about you.

I believe that in this world can be a better place if more good people learn and master their craft to make a difference.

My company is build with love and passion, hence the name. (Meraki is passion in Greek)

Through everything I offered, whether it’s free content or paid program, we want to help makes a difference.

So if you are starting your own business, checkout our free podcast where I share so many tips and value that you can apply for your business.

I might not have all the answers for you, but I learn and make mistakes so that I can share that with you and help you avoid the pain.

That’s what I stand for, and will continue to do so.

If you’re still reading this, thank you. I hope this spark an interest for you to learn more and find things you can use to improve your business.

If you are building your personal brand, checkout this valuable resources, it’s 100% free

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